Hi, I'm Treat

I share ideas from great thinkers so we can stand on the shoulders of giants, instead of figuring life out alone.

I'm also trying to make self-improvement valuable again. I can't stand most of the content today. It's cringey and empty. The well intentioned genre has become infected with videos and writing that sounds nice, but lacks real meaning.

My writing is an array of pieces on passion, philosophy, happiness, productivity, and life. You can read them on the articles page.

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“Treat Thompson is a great thinker and conversationalist. If you enjoy drifting in the abstract, you may enjoy his content like I do.”
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"This newsletter has changed my life. And I mean that in the most literal way possible; Steady Fella has a way of explaining things that you’re aware of, but aren’t TRULY aware of. If anyone wants to positively impact their life moving forward, I highly recommend you sign up."
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“Today it takes an elite newsletter to capture the attention of readers through its entirety. Treat’s writing surpasses this and he’s only just started. His insights have not only added refreshing wisdom about health and productivity but have also engaged me to reflect further on the topics he covers. And I’m highly selective in how I allot my attention.”
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“I’m not a big reader, but every week I look forward to the Steady Fella newsletter. It’s really changed my view on life and improved my productivity with its insights.”
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"Steadyfella is the best self-growth newsletter your inbox can receive. Each writing feels like it was tailored to your situation, and its clear content makes each message easy to apply to one's own life. In addition, the author’s earnest and passionate drive for his subject leads to eye-opening conversations and spreading of ideas."
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"I love the newsletter! Completely resonates with my view of the world."
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"I think the newsletters are really cool. They're helpful for people experiencing similar things and a reminder/confirmation if you've already learned it.”
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