Don't figure out life by yourself—stand on the shoulders of giants.

The Steady Fella Newsletter is for those who want to grow and get the most out of life.

What our readers don’t want:

To be full of regret on their death bed.

To live for other people.

To spend decades in the rat race.

To sleepwalk through life.

To have a boring legacy.

Sound like you? I’m happy to have you here!

Why should we go through the journey of life with just our experiences? We should use the billions of lives before us to get ahead.

Time is our most valuable resource. So knowledge on living life is second to none.

A quick backstory

I got tired of reading and watching self-improvement content. I couldn't stand how cringey and empty it became. The well intentioned genre lost it's impact.

The majority of it did nothing more than share snappy phrases to get people excited and hyped up. The information wouldn't lead to change in real life.

I wanted true gems of insight that would have a real influence on my life. I started finding them in obscure books, old philosophy, and the writings of great lives throughout history. 

These gems were hard to find. Which made me think about the amount of people missing out on ideas that could make a real impact on their life.

That’s why I started this newsletter. To bring value back to self-improvement and share that value with you.

What readers are saying

"Reading the newsletter is a quick reinforcement of powerful info. It's huge for personal growth and quick to give value. It's the perfect length for people's attention spans. I love the quote and passage sections."

Joban S. @jobanssaran

"Steadyfella is the best self-growth newsletter your inbox can receive. Each writing feels like it was tailored to your situation, and its clear content makes each message easy to apply to one's own life. In addition, the author’s earnest and passionate drive for his subject leads to eye-opening conversations and spreading of ideas."

Damian @damiankosciolek

"This newsletter has changed my life. And I mean that in the most literal way possible; Steady Fella has a way of explaining things that you’re aware of, but aren’t TRULY aware of. If anyone wants to positively impact their life moving forward, I highly recommend you sign up."

Abhi S. @shxlat

“Today it takes an elite newsletter to capture the attention of readers through its entirety. Treat’s writing surpasses this and he’s only just started. His insights have not only added refreshing wisdom about health and productivity but have also engaged me to reflect further on the topics he covers. And I’m highly selective in how I allot my attention.”

Isaac F. @isaacjhf

“I’m not a big reader, but every week I look forward to the Steady Fella newsletter. It’s really changed my view on life and improved my productivity with its insights.”

Nicole @nicolealvares_

What's inside?

When you join the Steady Fella newsletter, once a month you'll learn about the art of living.

I send it once a month because I only want to share ideas worth reading. I don't think it's possible to create something profound every week.

It starts with a dissection of a concept or idea. Like finding the miraculous in the mundane or choosing failure over regret.

It moves on to an eye-opening quote. Like this one: "The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are."—Carl Jung

It ends with a timeless passage from a great thinker. Like Charlie Munger's famous commencement speech.

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Give your inbox something to look forward to and start getting the most out of life!